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October 15, 2021

Drumline Dreams at Anacostia High School

Mr. Moton and Anacostia High School Students Need Your HelpFor the past two years, Barry Moton, a Jazz Vocalist, Howard graduate, and teacher at Anacostia's after-school vocal music class has been strongly advocating for a student drumline. Within the music education community, it has been seen that drumline programs are very successful in recruiting new after-school students.

This popular activity can especially be beneficial for keeping youth from at-risk areas off the streets.However, managing a drumline program is a year-round expense, the need alone to maintain and update drum equipment makes running a drumline program a costly activity.

Mr. Moton, educator at Anacostia Senior High School for more than five years, has asked D.C. Public Schools for support in creating a drumline program. DCPS, unfortunately, does not have the budget to hire a drumline instructor and purchase new equipment.Be Drumline Donor

As a member of The MusicianShip family, we ask you to contribute $50 towards our $5,000 goal.

If 100 members give $50 today, together, we can make a drumline in Anacostia High School possible!

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