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September 17, 2019

Funk Parade Live Photo Gallery @ Google Headquarters on Sept. 29

THE INAUGURAL FUNK PARADE PHOTO EVENTJoin your Funk Family on September 29th from 2 – 6 PM as we display the most iconic photos captured by the 2019 Funk Parade Photography Team led by Michael Harrison in partnership with StreetMeetDC. We’ll also debut the FIRST ever Funk Parade Documentary produced by Candace Carrington and host community workshops by the city’s leading creatives.This event is an opportunity to enjoy visual art while engaging with Google Digital Coach Johnny Bailey to educate our city’s entrepreneurial and media creatives on how to take advantage of Google’s digital products and services for FREE!RSVP for Funk Parade Photo Event (Gallery)2020 FUNK PARADE ARTIST APPLICATIONSTell a band, singer or musician today… it’s time to apply to perform at the 2020 Funk Parade on May 9th, 2020. Fill out your application for the Day Festival, Foot Parade or Night Festival taking place at over 15 different venues! Still have a question? E-mail us directly at: funk@themusicianship.orgApply for Funk Parade 2020

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