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December 13, 2021

How Has Music Changed Your Life?

Will you share your story?

Music has helped young people safely explore ideas and emotions for generations while building self-expression. For the last 12 years, The MusicianShip has seen students grow with music, expressing themselves in and out of the classroom and becoming confident individuals. Some continue to be musically involved and pursue creative careers. Others learn to hone valuable skills learned from performing, such as teamwork, public speaking, and presentation.Exposure to positive influences through music helps teens and young adolescents adopt coping mechanisms and healthy responses to stressful situations.

Music can mean a lot for students searching for social and cultural inclusion. Finding connections with others who share similar interests can create lifesaving bonds and feelings of belonging.At The MusicianShip, we want to know how music changed your life. What are some of the earliest memories that you have with music? 💙 🧡

In 2-5 sentences or in a video recording, share with us your earliest memory of how music changed your life!

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