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December 3, 2020

Pandemic Widens Racial Disparities for Students in the Washington Metro Region

The verdict is clear: Black & brown children are failing school at an alarming rate during the pandemic.

There has been an 83% increase in F grades for children ages 11-18 in Fairfax County Public Schools since the beginning of online learning in March. In Washington DC, the number of kindergartners meeting literacy targets has plummeted 11% since last year.

This could lead to thousands of students being held back for a year or more. Despite these troubling statistics, music education has demonstrated its positive effects on students of color, helping them to thrive in virtual learning environments. Music education motivates students by requiring them to use their creativity and listening skills to complete assignments.

“My first thought when I found out we would be attending music classes virtually is that I didn’t really like it, but virtual learning at The MusicianShip has improved my music skills by encouraging me to participate and be comfortable showing my own voice!”

- Khloe, a 14-year-old student at The MusicianShipBy pledging to become a $25 Leadership monthly giver, you will help prevent a child from being left behind due to the COVID-19 pandemicYour gift will go towards things like...  

Rental of a musical instrument for an entire year

Cleaning supplies for the instrument  

Virtual field trips, which includes an artist performance, class, and feedback with youth and their families

For children like Khloe, access to music classes can be the difference between excelling in school or being a generation lost to the pandemic.      


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