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The DC Funk Parade also identifies and preserves our community’s culture & history through Funk U(university) – where entertainment meets education! With the support of artists, arts educators, activists, government representatives, Shaw neighborhood residents, and cultural institutions, we have established an ecosystem of one-of-a-kind experiences that enlighten thousands.


Our Funk U Panels feature music industry experts and focus on impactful, community-driven topics. Enjoy these free panels Sponsors such as: HumanitiesDC, The DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities & the National Endowment for the Arts!


Directed and produced by Candace Carrington & Michael Harrison, take a peek at our newly improved documentary, thanks to our funders at HumanitiesDC! Featuring interviews & insights from the corridor’s best, our documentary teaches about the rich history of Black Broadway, our festival’s birth from it’s inspiration and why it’s important for these historic contributions to art, music and culture to be preserved. Watch today!

When and Where

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About this event

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