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After School Programs

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About The Program

The MusicianShip provides free after-school programs in schools and community centers across the District of Columbia.

Driven by the overwhelming evidence that music education has a unique and powerful impact on students, our after-school programs include a range of courses from choir, brass, woodwind and percussion ensembles to DJ and Music Production courses.

Program Delivery Goals
  • Provide extracurricular lessons and activities that improve students’ socio-emotional capacity.
  • Integrate youth with families, communities, employers, mentors, and other nourishing resources that provide an ecosystem of support.
  • Provide enriching activities that reduce the likelihood of youth (re)committing, or being victims of crimes.
  • Improve high school graduation rates among our students.
  • Develop our students’ musical aptitude to increase their college scholarship opportunities.
  • Create meaningful career pathways.
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