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Master Classes and Assemblies

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About The Program

The MusicianShip is fortunate to work with extremely talented artists and musicians throughout our family of music experience brands—The Wammie Awards and the DC Funk Parade.

We invite these artists to design a 90 minute curriculum that interweaves exciting performances and age-relevant music crash courses. In addition to seeing great musical performances, we facilitate interactive activities that allow students to contribute to the creative process. Students do everything from playing the artists’ instruments, singing and dancing to their music, to participating in structured question-and-answer sessions.

Program Delivery Goals

The objectives we develop for Master Classes are for students to better understand the foundational elements and history of the contemporary music they listen to today. Specifically, to improve critical listening skills, develop a blueprint for the fundamentals of creating music, and to advance knowledge of specific instruments and their role in popular music. This wildly popular program serves thousands of students and is the foundation of our Global Program efforts, which have served youth in South Africa, France, and Sint Maarten.

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